Susan Bellfield is a writer currently enrolled in the English/Creative Writing Graduate program at Southern New Hampshire University.  Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and has also completed many individual creative writing courses including confessional, grief/loss, and advanced poetry; journal article writing; and fiction writing courses in characterization, description, and conflict development.

An avid reader, Susan’s interest in writing began around the age of ten. Several of her poems were published in her school’s newspaper and, as a high school student, she earned 2nd prize in her school’s short story writing contest. As she moved into adulthood, Susan left the pen behind to concentrate on raising and supporting a family, yet continued to return to writing during times of stress and heartache as a means to clarify and communicate her experience.

After facing a series of losses culminating with the unexpected death of her mother, Susan’s journey through grief allowed her to acknowledge the prominent place that writing held in her life, resulting in a body of poetic work that explored the complexities of bereavement. One of these pieces earned 1st prize in the BARKS 4th Annual Poetry Contest in 2013, a second piece found a home in the publication Sorrow’s Words.

A seeker of wisdom and keen observer of nature and human behavior, Susan enjoys investigating what is odd, uncomfortable, and delightful in her writing. As a daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother her focus tends toward women’s issues, including how women manage relationships, family, loss, and personal growth, and establish their place in the world. In addition to her studies, Susan is currently working on a poetic anthology exploring the intricacies of mother – daughter relationships.

Born and raised in Chicago, Susan currently lives in Woodstock, NY where she cares for her aging father, waits tables to pay the bills, and writes poetry into the wee hours of the morning.