Invoking the Muse

Ds IPOD 365When we sit down to write, we are prompted by our desire to create. Yet, desire alone is not enough to create in a deep and powerful way. We need to align our desire with intention. Desire is ego driven, attached to outcome. Writing with intention aligns us with potentiality and opens us to all possibilities.

Intention is about the creator’s readiness to receive; their ability to intuit, focus, allow, and experience. True creativity requires us to step aside and make room for a source beyond ego. We get out of our own way and allow creativity to come forth. Then we listen, record, collect, and gather.

Establishing intent lays the groundwork for the effortless, spontaneous, frictionless flow of energy seeking expression. How do we set intention? By inviting the source of creativity to guide our writing efforts.

Make sure you are seated comfortably. This can be at your writing desk, or anywhere you will experience little outside distraction. Focus on your breath for several minutes. When you feel fully relaxed, turn your attention inward and locate the area in your body where your heart center resides.

Imagine a ladder or stairway descending from your head to your heart center. With each breath, take a step downward until your awareness is fully focused on your heart center. Let your heart center take the shape of a flower. With each inhale, the bloom opens. With each exhale, it closes.

Now imagine a white light emanating from your heart flower. This light is pure energy. Continue to breathe deeply and follow the path of this warming light as it grows filling your entire body, then spills out through your fingertips.

Sit for a few moments feeling the sensation of warm energetic light flowing through you, then thank the light for its presence and ask it to preserve this connection with the source of creativity while you write.

When you feel ready, take a few deep cleansing breaths, open your eyes, and begin to create.


Happy Writing,



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